Things I Hate Less About Linux

I spent a good three hours yesterday fighting flash drives and my motherboard to perform a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.04. It didn’t want to connect to my router at first, and the windows were laggy, but those issues have now been fixed.

So what do I hate less about Linux? I can connect my phone! I can also play mp3s in Rhythmbox! Also, Ubuntu is scrapping Unity, so once they come out with Ubuntu 18 it won’t be installed by default, which is kind of handy because I always install Gnome instead, and it’s just nice to think I won’t have all sorts of extra Unity fragments cluttering my file system.

Anyway, it’s time to get back into Linux. I gave away my primary Windows box to the refugee family I used to volunteer with. They were pretty excited, so I’m happy about that. This leaves the Linux box and my Windows laptop, so simplicity wins the day. Now I’m going to get my Music folder ducks in a row.