The Year of Ambition

The past three months have really done a number on me. I didn’t mention it in my last post, but I had planned to make it half-way through a book on Oracle Spatial before I started my new job this week, and only covered a fraction of my goal. Last week I felt the exhaustion of all this study weigh-in, and crashed into a “theory-only” book routine. Everyone needs rest. Cheers.

Finding the time to read in the evenings has been difficult. I have more programming books than I’ve ever had before, and probably more projects than I can handle. Tonight I enjoyed a pizza and some Best Damn and have been picking at Clean Code as I try to recover from a very busy week. There is no rest in reading when you get slapped in the face by concurrent programming, a realm I had to confess to knowing nothing about during several interviews. The list of things I don’t know continues to grow, and it’s depressing after having knocked out so many other subjects. But I’m not giving up.

The message is clear: there’s no getting comfortable this time around. Last time, what I was doing was so uninteresting that I let it affect my enthusiasm for all things code. This work is a lot more interesting, so there are no excuses! At work I’m learning how our product interacts with CAD, and I’m hoping very soon to start writing Python code for it. I got a chance to look at some existing programs today. What is so awesome is that this feels like a challenge that is above me just enough that I know I can hit it if I work hard, but I will have work. They’re counting on me to learn this system quickly and start producing, and I don’t want to let them down.

I also bought five books during the Apress sale two weeks ago, so uh, there’s plenty more to read. And I decided I wanted to cover Design Patterns this month. I’m probably out of my mind.

Most sobering is that I’m going to be building an intranet inventory system for an ethical manufacturing company in Nepal over the next six months. I’ve never built a full-stack application before, so while it gives me a chance to do just that, it also means that looking at screenshots of their existing system caused me to nearly crap myself. To be fair, there’s far more shiny-looking WYSIWYG functionality for desktop applications than there is for web applications, but I hadn’t even thought about print options and icons. But I have to stay frosty. I’m putting some serious thought into the database, which is the most important piece, and if I know what’s good for me, I’ll focus on that first before worrying about what’s next. Let’s just say I get the chance to learn. Or grow. Like my last post. Whatever.

You could call it the fire. Or the funk. There’s that piece of me that won’t be satisfied until I’ve got this down. I can do this. No slacking, no giving up. Do well at work, earn my place in the industry. Do well on this inventory system, help companies hire and empower the marginalized. These are good motivations.